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Remind your team about their free gift to RightNow Media @ Work.

First Things First: Resend Some Invites

Emails get lost. Lives get busy. And some of your team members may not have accepted the invitation. Maybe you’ve added some new team members in the lasw few months. Click below to re-send invites to everyone who may not know about the free gift of RightNow Media @ Work.

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We’ve hand-crafted these free resources to better help you care for your employees and cultivate a healthy team.

Email Template

Send this email to your employees explaining RightNow Media @ Work and how to set up their free account and start watching videos.


Passing out a flyer can be a great and easy way to spread the word about the free gift of RightNow Media @ Work.

Check Inserts

Slip these inserts explaining RightNow Media @ Work inside your employees’ paycheck envelopes on pay day so you know they’ll see it.


Have a common space in your office? Hang up these posters by the water cooler or break room to maximize visibility and effectiveness.


Is there a TV in your office or break room? Display one of these slides to show off the free gift of RightNow Media @ Work.

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Season Specific Booster Materials

For an extra boost, use our seasonal graphics below to add a personal touch to your announcement.





You know what else we made for you?
New & Improved Mobile Apps!
Your employees have 24/7 access to RightNow Media @ Work on any of their favorite devices.

With more than 20,000 biblically based videos available, RightNow Media @ Work has content to help your team navigate all the challenges of life. It is our mission to help you lead a team that flourishes at work and at home. We hope these beautiful apps help you fulfill your calling as a leader.

Be sure to spread the word about the free RightNow Media @ Work apps available on:
AndroidChromecastiPhone & iPadRokuApple TVFireTV
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